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In the FICC of It

There’s something for everyone in this week’s In the FICC of It podcast as Colin Lambert and Galen Stops traverse the US legal system, trading, crypto and China.
Listen in as Lambert explains why he is mystified at the prosecution’s flip-flop in the Mark Johnson case and angry at the FX industry’s previous lack of effort to explain how markets work to the US legal authorities; and Stops takes a look at a new report n his favourite industry – CTAs. Having had the data explained to him, Lambert also thinks he knows why some CTA sectors are doing well and some aren’t, so that’s another of his “theories” then…
Our podcasters then move onto debate whether crypto markets will evolve to an OTC model and whether this would be a good thing for attracting institutional money to what is still a relatively nascent market.
Stops closes out by reporting from an analysts’ briefing this week that highlighted a change in approach on the part of China to its programme of liberalisation of the yuan.

And Finally…

There is a lot of press around discussing the struggles currency managers are having in making money in markets that ostensibly should be fertile ground. We have some real moves, event risk, interest rate divergence and a changing market structure – all of which would suggest there is an opportunity for everyone, but it’s not happening. One of the reasons for this is that different narratives are driving markets at different times – and that makes it hard for a single strategy to succeed.

Currency Managers Up in June…But Only Just

Although the Parker FX Index rose 0.15% in June, the headline number hides a mixed performance for currency managers in the programme with only 11 of the 27 programmes reporting (three failed to do so) in positive territory. On a risk-adjusted basis, the Index was up +0.07% in June. The median return for the month […]

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