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White House Watch: Bracing for the Worst Yet

President Trump and his experts Saturday warned the nation that next week and the week after are going to see virus death tolls that will far eclipse anything seen so far, as the increasing number of hotspots climb the steepening curve toward their peaks. Three weeks ago the warnings delivered Saturday would have been remarkable […]

Amid the Confusion, Virus Keeps Spreading

The two most important realities Friday remained the incrementally greater death tolls every day and the fundamental wisdom of distancing, while other less important considerations included a new, somewhat half-hearted recommendation for everyone to wear masks. There was also new confusion about a number of topics and the beginning of government forgivable loans to small […]

Some in the US Still Don’t Believe the Virus Is Coming

The corona virus has an advantage evident in the Thursday evening Corona Virus Task Force briefing and during the day in several statehouses: It can spread faster than its reputation for being a sneaky killer of the unaware. President Trump tried to correct Task Force expert Dr Deborah Birx, placing him on the side of […]

Trump Sees “Horrible” Next Few Weeks

White House Watch: US President Donald Trump Tuesday night warned the nation that the virus has become a “dark, epic and incredibly horrible” challenge that threatens to kill Americans by the hundreds of thousands. Trump, saying he wants to be a “cheerleader for our country”, nevertheless drew on the most stark and galvanising language of […]

Long Spring Journey Under Way: Virus Stays in the Lead

Test results are coming in faster and in greater numbers Monday from areas like New York where the ravaging corona virus is already killing people, and at the front lines elsewhere the governors, the county executives and mayors are increasingly facing up to the fact it’s coming for them. The day’s Corona Virus Task Force […]

Virus Still Unchallenged in US and Dominating the Narrative

The coronavirus, heedless of the new battle of narratives, is steadily spreading mostly unseen Tuesday in and beyond the “hotspots” as US cases topped 50,000, more than half of them around New York City. Fearful that infected New Yorkers fleeing the city will seed other virus hotspots elsewhere, the two most senior government experts in […]