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Close, But No Cigar

Having taken a look at Colin Lambert’s predictions for 2018, Galen Stops finds that he was almost right with all of them. “Almost” being the operative word.…..1.“Bitcoin. That’s The Thing That Goes Up, Right?” – “The advent of futures in Bitcoin will take volatility out of the market. The cryptocurrency will end the year lower, not at zero, but in the single digits of thousands of dollars.” Colin definitely scored a hit with his price prediction, with bitcoin currently at $3,500 at the time of writing. However, he did give himself a rather generous amount of leeway by effectively predicting that it would end the year anywhere between $1 and $9,999.

P&L’s 2018 Crystal Ball – How Did We Do?

We’d all like to write our own reviews, but if the recent emphasis on third party transaction cost analysis (TCA) has taught us anything it’s that it can be beneficial to have an independent party conduct reviews too. With that in mind Profit & Loss challenged some of its readers to look over our 2018 predictions and provide feedback.Prediction: “The Great Divide” – 2018 will be all about the data and it will empower those willing to pay for it, however there will be challenges for those who cannot or will not pay up to consume and store the vast amounts of data required. Those with data will be more protective of how their pricing is used by counterparts and those without will struggle in an increasingly fragmented market as more platforms package and sell their data.

And Another Thing…

Regular readers will know I am unsurprised to read reports of Blackstone pondering the sale of FXall once it completes its takeover of a majority stake in Thomson Reuters F&R, because (for once, I know, before you all message me) I predicted such a thing in this column in June.
What I find interesting in the latest production from the rumour mill is how it is only the sale of FXall – Matching and the other channels are not mentioned.

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