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CEMPROSPECTS Conference Set for Rome

This years CEMPROSPECTS conference will take place at the Hotel Placio dei Principi in Rome from October 8-10.
The event will cover energy markets of relevance to the cement industry, notably coal and petcoke, as well as freights. The conference is also of relevance for producers and traders in these markets.
Time will also be dedicated to a debate on geopolitical events happening across the globe, including the US political scene, Brexit and legislative developments in the field of CO2 and sulphur emissions.

Profit & Loss Scandinavia Debuts In Stockholm

After a hugely successful run of conferences in Copenhagen, Profit & Loss Scandinavia is spreading its wings with the first conference in Stockholm. The all day event takes place on September 14 at the Hotel at Six.
After an opening address by Sveriges Riksbank deputy governor Per Jansson, the first panel will discuss the Nordic economic scene. How easy or difficult is it for the Nordic region to shrug off geo-political events elsewhere in the world? Is the two speed recovery evident elsewhere also happening across the Nordic economies?