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Cboe Doubles Down on its Data-Driven Approach

Cboe is doubling down on its data-driven approach to FX matching as it looks to ramp up its NDF offering and build out its new analytics platform. Profit & Loss has previously reported on Cboe FX’s decision to change how it manages liquidity, shifting away from a qualitative approach towards a much more quantitative one. […]

Full Amount Trading Spiked on Cboe FX Last Year

Amidst a generally challenging year for OTC FX trading platforms, Cboe FX saw a significant increase in full amount trading on its platform in 2019. The average daily volume (ADV) of trading on Cboe FX in 2019 was $32.3 billion, down 13.6% from the ADV of $37.4 billion that it recorded in 2018. However, it’s […]

Platform Volumes Suggest November Slowdown

Trading activity was down last month across the first set of FX trading platforms to publicly report their volumes. FXSpotStream reported an average daily volume (ADV) of $31 billion on its platform for November, down 7.2% from $33.4 billion the previous month and down 12.9% year-on-year. Cboe FX had an ADV of $28.5 billion last […]

Platforms Report Mixed Results for September

There’s been little by way of discernable trends amongst the trading volumes reported for September by the first set of FX trading platforms to do so publicly. Cboe FX reported an average daily volume (ADV) of $30.4 billion for September, down 8.2% from the $33.1 billion it reported in August and down 15% from the […]

Cboe FX Launches One-to-One Execution Solution

Cboe FX has launched a new solution called Cboe FX Point, which allows clients to manage one-to-one trading relationships utilising the platform’s technology, infrastructure and settlement relationships. Noting that liquidity provision in the FX market is “deeply fragmented” right now, with institutions conducting their trading activity with a range of different counterparties across a variety […]

Cleary to Leave Cboe FX

Sean Cleary is set to leave Cboe FX, where he was global head of sales. Profit & Loss understands that Cleary will be leaving his position at the end of May, and that Ben Leit, currently head of FX sales, Europe, will assume his role. A spokesperson at Cboe FX says: “We thank Sean for […]

FX Trading Activity Ticked Up in March

It looks like there was an uptick in trading activity in March, as the first platforms to report trading volumes – FXSpotStream, Cboe FX and FastMatch – all reported higher month-on-month volumes.The average daily volume (ADV) traded on FXSpotStream was $37.8 billion in March, its second highest month ever and an 8.38% increase from the $34.8 billion it reported for February. It also represents a 37% increase compared to March 2018.CboeFX reported an ADV of $38.5 billion last month, up 11.6% from the $34.5 billion it reported in February, but largely flat year-on-year.

Fastmatch Tape the Highlight in Early FX ADV Reports

The first four platforms to report average daily volume (ADV) for April paint a mixed picture with Euronext’s Fastmatch FX seeing an uptick in activity from March and Cboe FX, FXSpotStream and GTX seeing a slight decline. All four venues are higher on a year-on-year basis.
Cboe FX, formerly HotspotFX, reports average daily volume of $36.3 billion in April, FXSpotStream, $24.6 billion, FastmatchFX $19.4 billion and Gain’s GTX $13.3 billion. The Fastmatch Tape has also report a big gain in April.

Steady FX Volumes Reported by Platforms

The first three platforms to report FX average daily volume (ADV) for November indicate activity stayed around year’s highs.
CBoE FX (formerly HotspotFX) reports ADV of $33.8 billion, a 5.6% increase from October and a 11.2% increase year-on-year.
Euronext’s FastmatchFX reports ADV of $17.8 billion in November, slightly down from October’s $18 billion and 4.1% higher than October 2017, and Gain’s GTX says it handled ADV of $12.2 billion on its ECN and SEF, a 7% increase month-on-month and up 18.4% year-on-year.