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Crypto Exchanges See Volume Highs in March

Cryptocurrency market data provider, CryptoCompare, reports that market turmoil last month resulted in volumes hitting an all-time high on March 13, and note that spot volumes have been surging since January despite plummeting institutional interest. The massive market crash on March 12th-13th saw daily volumes hit $75.9 billion in a single day (13th March) – the single […]

Understanding Blockchain Forks

Most published analysis of the legal consequences of blockchain forks has been underwhelming. Discussions often centre around the legal risks to miners and developers, questions of little relevance because of the general absence of contracts between users of public blockchains and the constellation of jurisdictions from which they operate. In other words, it will freeze in hell before anonymous developers based god-knows-where win a lawsuit against unidentified Chinese miners aggregated in a mining pool. I should add that several articles appeared to be advertorials by law firms looking for new business.

Are Cryptocurrencies Edging Towards Mainstream Adoption?

At the very start of June, Profit & Loss published an article looking at why demand for cryptocurrencies had spiked in 2017, with the price of bitcoin rising over 200% between January and the latter end of May.

Subsequent to that, demand continued to grow, with the price of bitcoin reaching $4,950 by the start of September. Meanwhile ether – the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network – went from $8.29 at the start of the year to $388 by September.

Profit & Loss is no longer publishing

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