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Broadway Technology Acquires Barracuda FX

Broadway Technology has announced the acquisition of FX OMS provider Barracuda FX – terms of the deal have not been revealed.
With the deal, Broadway says it will continue to expand its product suite and deliver its multi-asset solutions across more parts of the investment lifecycle while allowing clients to automate additional workflows.
The Barracuda FX business will continue to operate on a standalone basis, meaning there will be no reduction in staff. Barracuda CEO Kieran Fitzpatrick and Maurice Curran, COO, will continue to run the business, they will also, however, assume senior roles leading Broadway’s FX business, as head of FX and head of FX operations respectively.

P&L Talk Series – Barracuda FX

The FX Global Code of Conduct has had a big impact on how FX markets operate, nowhere more so than in the area of order management. Colin Lambert talks to Kieran Fitzpatrick, CEO and founder of Barracuda FX, about the impact of the Code; the need for transparency around order management and the technology required to deliver it. They also discuss the opportunities facing regional banks in order management, as well as look at why some participants still want to do things manually.

Jyske Bank Signs with Barracuda FX

Barracuda FX, the specialist provider of FX order management technology, has announced the signing of a new contract with Denmark’s Jyske Bank.
Jyske Bank embarked on a project in 2017 to streamline its FX operations in order to make it more efficient. A detailed analysis of the Barracuda platform established it as a key component of the new FX operations strategy, the firm says, in particular its Order Hub service, which is an electronic order passing network between Barracuda’s client banks, allowing each bank to increase efficiency and lower risk by leveraging the currency and time zone expertise of partner banks.

Barracuda FX Unveils OMS Cloud

Order management technology provider Barracuda FX has announced the launch of OMS Cloud, a development that makes Barracuda’s OMS technology available on the cloud, enabling all sizes of banks to use the service.
Barracuda developed the new service in response to banks active in the FX market asking for professional OMS tools, but without having the resources or capacity to implement an OMS.
OMS Cloud offers a solution to hundreds of banks which have previously either not supported FX orders, or simply outsourced them via larger banks’ single dealer platforms.

The FoXy’s: Profit & Loss Readers’ Choice Awards

Profit & Loss readers cast large numbers of votes this year for their preferred market makers and service providers.

Last year was the first that we changed the category description from banks to market makers to account for the larger proportion of non-banks that now comprise an important part of market making, and this is again reflected in the results. The industry’s changing dynamics are starting to show.

Voting, which spanned across time zones, was close in many categories, so we have listed the top three for each category to acknowledge the runners up.