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And Another Thing…

The unsuccessful end of the Axiom Investment Advisors’ class action against Deutsche Bank over last look is an opportunity to look at one or two issues – specifically around the raft of legal actions taking place, a workstream of the Global FX Committee, and disclosures.
My first thought on reading through the judge’s Decision was “I wonder what those banks that settled are thinking now?” My second was the observation that the judge used the word “ambiguous” a heck of a lot.

Judge Tosses Axiom Last Look Class Action Against Deutsche

A New York judge has thrown out a class action lawsuit led by Axiom Investment Advisors against Deutsche Bank, which claimed the bank abused the practice of last look in its foreign exchange trading.
Judge Lorna Schofield threw out two class actions, arguing that neither satisfied the requirements for a successful class action in that different clients had different experiences and there was no common theme of “unjust enrichment”. She also leans repeatedly on the New York Department of Financial Services report into Deutsche, which at one point notes that the bank “as a general matter” appropriately calibrated its last look settings.

And Another Thing…

Today’s column is all about numbers and confirms something that I have always argued about the legal actions facing many of the banks in the foreign exchange industry. It focuses on a settlement which was originally proposed and agreed in February 2016 and, for some reason known only to the US legal system, finally approved (in its original form I should point out) by a US court late last week. Notwithstanding the delay, the numbers make for very interesting reading…

Want to Opt Out of BARX Last Look Settlement? Your Deadline is March 30

Participants in a class action lawsuit that alleges Barclays abused last look on its proprietary trading platform BARX have until March 30 2017 to opt out of the proposed $50 million settlement.
According to a release by law firm Scott+Scott, US District Judge Lorna Schofield will hear the details of last February’s settlement between the class – led by Axiom Investment Advisors – and Barclays on July 18 2017 at a Fairness Hearing.
This hearing will consider whether to approve the proposed settlement, the proposed plan of distribution, and class counsel’s application to the court for an award of attorneys’ fees, expenses, and a service award to class plaintiff.