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Awards for e-FX Excellence – BNP Paribas

As we noted at the start of this article, the calendar was unkind to BNP Paribas in that our scheduled in-person meeting was cancelled due to the accelerating pandemic. As such, our views on the platform are necessarily limited. That said, there is plenty of feedback to share and, thankfully, our observations from looks at […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – Citi

Much of what we could say about Velocity has already been written, so we would refer readers to the awards for Best Mobile App, Editor’s Choice and the Special “Decade” Award to reinforce this section, which will look at the pieces of this superb platform not already covered. It is hard to know where to […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is another institution that appears to be taking its strong suit – AES – and using aspects of that business unit to build its offering elsewhere. Most obviously this can be seen in how the quant teams at AES have collaborated with their colleagues in the principal business to create a smarter pricing […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – Deutsche Bank

Again, much of what we have to say about the impressive progress made by Deutsche Bank’s FX business can be found in our Innovation Award write up, so we shall avoid some aspects of Market Colour 2.0 here. That still leaves a series of impressive developments at the bank, however, which is pretty unique in […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – Goldman Sachs

First up, Marquee is definitely benefiting from the HTML5 deployment, it has always been a good platform visually, and that has only been enhanced with the sharper graphics and more flexible functionality that move has allowed. As we have already noted, the GUI remains uncluttered by the bank reintroducing some of the popular features of […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – HSBC

HSBC’s rather mercurial relationship with these awards continues in that the bank persistently wins prizes for aspects of its e-offering, but is yet to really hit the bright lights with the overall platform Evolve. As that venture is the first single dealer platform to be built from the start in HTML5 the wait may be […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – JP Morgan

Aside from the multi-award winning mobile solution, everything we want to say about JP Morgan’s FX business has already been stated in our Best Execution and Best FX Platform awards, so we will focus our attention on other aspects of this superb platform’s offering. Before we do, however, it would be remiss not to detail […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley was one of two banks with whom the in-person appointment had to be cancelled, so again feedback played a big part along with our previous observations. The first thing to note is that Morgan Stanley was picked out by several users who observed the algo strategies had been enhanced. In many ways this […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – NatWest Markets

Much of what we want to say about NatWest Markets has been written in the Best Prime Brokerage Award, so here we will focus on one other aspect of the bank’s service – order management. Orders have long been a strong suit of NatWest, including under its former guise of RBS, starting with basic order books […]