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Analysis of the Year

And Finally…

With a reminder to vote for your favourite P&L socks (yes really!) let’s move onto the second of this year’s abbreviated Irrationals – the Headline/Analysis of the Year. I have been known in the past to give strategists and analysts a bit of stick, it is good-natured with a tint of seriousness – there are […]

And Another Thing…

With December in financial markets only livened by the shenanigans of bitcoin, including the launch of futures trading (complete with trading halts), it is time to unveil the next Irrational. It’s a favourite of mine, Analysis of the Year, and boy is this one competitive!
The easy option would be to pick out a few predictions that went horribly wrong and highlight them, but that would be unfair as we all get it wrong from time to time, just look at my Trade of the Year record in the Profit & Loss Crystal Ball!

And Another Thing…

The penultimate Accolade is upon us and again, when seeking to select the Analysis of the Year, there were plenty of contenders. Before we go through them I need to stress that all should be viewed through the prism of my trade of the year in the Crystal Ball feature in the January 2015 issue of Profit & Loss which managed to lose just the 10%!
If that sounds bad, at one stage it was actually almost 20% up – reason enough to reiterate the old adage of foreign exchange traders everywhere, “NEVER trade the Scandies”!