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In the FICC of It

Colin Lambert flies solo on this week’s podcast, thanks to the sheer weight of news. So the agenda ticks quite a few “Lambert Boxes”, starting with his thoughts over the changing role of the Global Foreign Exchange Committee after this week’s virtual meeting, especially that group mentioning publicly, for the first time in a formal […]

P&L Talk Series – Morgan Stanley

The last three months have seen the foreign exchange market faced with unprecedented challenges and while the general sense is that the industry handled matter well, what was it really like in the eye of the storm? Colin Lambert talks to Melanie Cristi, head of FX market structure and client content; Matt Thomas, global head […]

And Finally…

This is the 1000th column I have written about (mainly) our industry (no, I am not sure I can believe it either!), and if it wasn’t going to be last look then what is a more appropriate subject that something I have been looking at for more than a decade – yes, we are back […]

And Another Thing…

Well, Monday’s column (that, to confuse everyone, went out last Thursday such was my race to publish), certainly poked the hornets’ nest. It’s been a while since I have been involved in such a spirited debate over something and I suppose it was inevitable if it wasn’t last look then it was, after more than […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – Goldman Sachs

First up, Marquee is definitely benefiting from the HTML5 deployment, it has always been a good platform visually, and that has only been enhanced with the sharper graphics and more flexible functionality that move has allowed. As we have already noted, the GUI remains uncluttered by the bank reintroducing some of the popular features of […]

Awards for e-FX Excellence – HSBC

HSBC’s rather mercurial relationship with these awards continues in that the bank persistently wins prizes for aspects of its e-offering, but is yet to really hit the bright lights with the overall platform Evolve. As that venture is the first single dealer platform to be built from the start in HTML5 the wait may be […]

In the FICC of It

This week’s podcast features Colin Lambert and Julie Ros taking a look at the week’s event, along with a bit of inter-office banter. Lambert kicks off by asking a question of Ros and the audience and, when he eventually gives the answer later in the podcast, the latter is quick to claim she was going […]

And Finally…

This is a tricky one for me because I believe in open markets – I don’t like circuit breakers or enforced spreads; I think a market should be what it is, especially in times, like now, when it accurately reflects the uncertainty in the world (and business models). Spreads are wider, and rather than complain […]

And Another Thing…

We should not be blind-sided by the relative calm at this week’s quarter end WM Fix, the fact is FX market conditions are as bad as I can remember them in my almost 43 years in the industry – and that includes countless multi-big figure days (or hours sometimes). The difference when those conditions hit […]

In the FICC of It

It’s an all Profit & Loss affair for this week’s podcast as Colin Lambert is joined by P&L’s editor-in-chief Julie Ros to run through a long agenda in these “interesting” times. This being the podcast Lambert can’t resist a little cynicism to kick off as he “praises” some market analysts’ abilities, but Ros easily pulls […]

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