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Steady FX Volumes Reported by Platforms

The first three platforms to report FX average daily volume (ADV) for November indicate activity stayed around year’s highs.

CBoE FX (formerly HotspotFX) reports ADV of $33.8 billion, a new high water mark for 2017 and the highest since January 2015 when activity was boosted by the volatility blow out following the Swiss National Bank’s decision to remove the EUR/CHF floor.

This represents a 5.6% increase from October and a 11.2% increase year-on-year.

Euronext’s FastmatchFX reports ADV of $17.8 billion in November, slightly down from October’s $18 billion and 4.1% higher than October 2017.

Finally among the early reporters, Gain’s GTX says it handled ADV of $12.2 billion on its ECN and SEF, a 7% increase month-on-month and up 18.4% year-on-year. GTX’s swap dealer platform handled $2.4 billion per day in November, a 27% decrease on October and 40% drop from November 2016.


Colin Lambert

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