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StanChart Launches Quant Program

Standard Chartered Bank is aiming to increase its quantitative capabilities by recruiting young talent with strong quantitative skills from top universities in its markets.

The bank says that in order to continue to deliver innovative solutions to its customers and stay ahead of the evolution of the financial markets, it has created the Quant Academy program in collaboration with top technical schools and universities in Singapore, China, India and Europe.

The program consists of a three to six month internship for highly qualified students who are willing to start their career in the quantitative finance sector.

Each student will be mentored by a field expert in Singapore, Dubai or London and asked to complete a practical project and present it to the bank’s senior quantitative management team at the end of their internship.

Students who display the most potential can expect full-time job offers with the bank at the end of their internship, it says.

"By developing a strong pipeline of young talent to support this growing and ever more complex business, Standard Chartered is anticipating client demand and recognising the importance of leading the way in this strategic segment," says Benoit-Gilles Cambier, global head of risk management advisory and quant development.

In Singapore, the program will be run in conjunction with the Risk Management Institute at the National University of Singapore, and will concurrently feature in other top institutions in China, India and Europe.

Started less then six months ago the programme was well received by students from top technical institutions in Asia who submitted more than 150 applications in the first four months.

The first student who entered the programme in July 2007 received a full-time offer at the end of the three month internship and is now working as an equity derivative quant in Singapore, Standard Chartered says.

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