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Special Report: Is FX The Next Industry to be Disrupted by FinTechs?

The next edition of Profit & Loss magazine will be
featuring a fintech special report looking at how these firms are changing the
landscape of financial services and why they are increasingly targeting the FX

Fintech is very a
buzzword in financial services right now, but what do people mean when they use
this word? It is important to distinguish between the technologies, approaches
and business models of fintechs that focus on the retail consumer side of the
industry compared to those that are working in the wholesale capital market.

In our fintech special
report we’ll be talking to investors, venture capitalist and firms running
accelerator programmes to find out what they look for when deciding which new
fintech firms to work with. On the flipside we’ll also be talking to the
fintechs themselves to reveal some of the challenges and pitfalls facing these
firms and explore whether the barriers to success for them are actually

The report will also
explore the industry response to this latest wave of enthusiasm for all things
fintech. Although the narrative of fintechs as “disruptors” has been steadily
building in the media, is this narrative misleading? Or is is more likely that
these firms will be absorbed by incumbents already in the market?

No report on the
fintech landscape could be complete without looking at blockchain. But, rather
than examining the technology itself, our report will instead focus on the
nascent blockchain industry that is quickly developing to help explain the
different approaches that various firms are taking towards this technology and
it will also speculate on who are likely to be the big winners and losers of
the predicted blockchain revolution.

Focusing on the FX
market, the report will look at why some fintech firms think that this asset
class is particularly ripe for new, and potentially disruptive, technologies.
We’ll examine specifically the areas of the FX micro-structure that these firms
are targeting and identify trends in how tackling existing technology problems
of the incumbents in the space.

Looking to the future,
the report will examine the prospect of artificial intelligence, both in FX
specifically and then more broadly in the financial services industry. We’ll be
dispelling some of misconceptions about what artificial intelligence means in
the context of financial services, discussing the regulatory implications of
this technology and provide insight about to what extent it could shape the
industry in the future.

Colin Lambert

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