Spanish Football League to Certify Goals Using Blockchain Technology 

Spanish Football League to Certify Goals Using Blockchain Technology 

LaLiga has entered into a partnership with Gol-Ball to launch an initiative that will link footballs used to score goals with the players that scored them. Gol-Ball will launch a marketplace where fans can purchase the footballs as NFTs. 

LaLiga, the premier football league of Spain, has announced a new initiative that will certify footballs with which players scored their goals using blockchain technology. The Spanish football division has partnered with Gol-Ball, a Web3 company that implements blockchain-based solutions to the game. 

In professional matches, more than a dozen footballs are used to avoid time wasting. When a ball goes out of play, another one is used to continue playing. Due to the vast number of footballs used in a single game, there is no way to authenticate the goal scored by a player to the ball that was used in play. Gol-Ball aims to change that with revolutionary new technology that will identify footballs with the goals scored. The company will create a blockchain ledger that will store information on every football that was used in a LaLiga game, helping players and fans certify the ball in their possession. 

Spanish Football League to Certify Goals Using Blockchain Technology 

“Throughout my career as a footballer you would normally be given a ball only after scoring a hat-trick, but you were never sure it was the ball you actually scored any of the goals with. If we had been able to identify the goal scoring ball, my colleagues and I would have wanted all of them. If this is a historic moment for us, then imagine what it could mean for a fan to keep the ball,” said Samuel Eto’o, La Liga ambassador and former forward of F.C. Barcelona. 

La Liga will launch the program on January 8th, 2023, when the league restarts after the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Gol-Ball also plans to launch a platform through which fans can get their hands on the goal scoring footballs as a physical Gol-Ball, opening the scope for issuing non-fungible tokens (NFT). 

“Gol-Ball has surprised the world by creating an official collection of goal scoring balls on Web3 that is backed by a completely new and priceless object in the physical world: the goal scoring ball. It’s a bridge between the real world and the digital world. We pride ourselves at La Liga for innovating and offering our fans ways to feel more emotionally connected to their favorite clubs and idols,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Gol-Ball.

The Spanish football league has been making strides to implement Web3-based technologies in various aspects of the game to increase fan engagement. In October, La Liga partnered with Dapper Labs, creators of popular sports NFT platforms – NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, to launch ‘LaLiga Golazo’. The NFT platform currently in beta testing phase will offer fans a wide range of digital collectibles which include, match statistics, play-by-play narration, player performance charts and game highlights. 

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LaLiga Golazo released its first NFT pack on October 27th, featuring iconic moments from the league’s historic derby’s such as Real Madrid vs F.C.Barcelona, Atlético Madrid vs Real Madrid, Real Sociedad vs Athletic Bilbao and Sevilla F.C vs Real Betis. Fans can also collect NFTs showcasing video highlights from games featuring La Liga legends Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zinedin Zidane, Diego Forlan, Luis Suarez, and Ronaldinho. 

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