Sony Launches ‘Mocopi’, a Motion-Tracking Wearable For Your Metaverse Avatars 

Sony Launches ‘Mocopi’, a Motion-Tracking Wearable For Your Metaverse Avatars 

The Japanese multinational tech giant is set to unveil ‘Mocopi’, a six-sensor motion-tracking device that will capture and convert video data into Metaverse avatars in real time. Mocopi, which comes with a mobile and desktop app, will be available for pre-order on December 18th.

Sony has launched a wearable motion-tracking device called ‘Mocopi’, that will allow users to experience their Metaverse avatars in real-time. The device that comes with six individual sensors is to be placed by users on their ankles (two), wrists (two), head (one), and hips (one) to capture their movements in real-time and link them to their avatars in the Metaverse via a smartphone app or desktop SDK. 

Sony Launches ‘Mocopi’, a Motion-Tracking Wearable For Your Metaverse Avatars 

In its press release, Sony shared a video demonstrating how to use Mocopi. The video shows a user connecting the device to their body and dancing around as an anime-style avatar. According to Sony, Mocopi leverages “proprietary technology and a smartphone app” to allow users to create videos of their avatars. Instead of dedicated motion-capture suits and other expensive equipment that are used to capture anthropomorphic characters in movies like “Avatar” and “Avengers,” Mocopi does high-precision motion measurement with a small number of sensors powered by Sony’s own algorithm to capture high-quality output. The company says its device will give creators involved in film production and video streaming more time and space to visualize and produce content. 

Mocopi comes with an SDK (Software Development Kit) that can be installed on the desktop to acquire data received from the sensors instantly. This visual feed can then be uploaded to 3D development software such as Unity or MotionBuilder to be edited into the final product. Sony says this will “expand the use of motion data and contribute to the development of new services in areas such as metaverse and fitness.” Users can also create avatar videos using the data captured by the sensors on the Mocopi smartphone app. The file can be exported as MP4 or motion data on the application itself or saved on the smartphone. The SDK kit will be available on December 15th.

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Sony will launch Mocopi in January next year, with pre-orders scheduled to begin mid-December. The device priced at $358 will be officially released at the “2022 Virtual Market” event by metaverse startup HIKKY, on December 18. 

The multinational tech giant has been making strides in the Metaverse space lately. Earlier last month, Sony filed patents for a system to tokenize and track video game assets across a blockchain ledger. According to filings made by the company with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the blockchain-based system currently in development will be used to create, tokenize, track, and trade in-game virtual assets like characters, items, video clips, and images. 

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