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Signal Trader Launches Automated Mirror Trading

Signal Trader, a provider of live trading rooms, has launched an auto-execution mirror trading system for foreign exchange, commodities and indices with brokerage firms FXCM, and Ava FX.

The mirror system allows clients to automate their trading by ‘mirroring’ the trades of proprietary traders whose accounts are displayed in Signal Trader’s live trading rooms. All of the accounts displayed are the real accounts of prop traders trading with real money. As trades are executed they are displayed in real-time. Users can fully define trading parameters, including trade sizes, as well as monitor trades, positions and profit and loss in real-time.

Signal Trader provides clients with signal alerts based on the trading activity of prop traders via email or on the charts displayed on each live trading room. Clients can choose to open their live trading accounts with a selection of brokerage firms and begin auto-trading in forex, commodities and indices. ??

“By teaming up with brokerage partners who offer our clients the ability to trade across the full range of financial instruments, we are ensuring that all our clients can diversify their portfolios while the auto-trading system allows clients to focus on their money management and trade in an objective way,” says John Miller, product manager at Signal Trader.

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