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Saxo Launches Trade Commander

Saxo Bank has rolled its Trade Commander black box solution out to clients – the algorithmic trading “add on” tool for clients of its Saxo Trader platform has been in beta testing for clients since March this year (see Profit & Loss, April 2007).


Users of Trade Commander define a trading system that can trade automatically for them even when they are not following the markets themselves. They define their logic in the tool’s graphical designer interface to create buy and sell signals. Once a system is deployed the TradeCommander constantly monitors the market looking for when the conditions to trade have been met. When they are, TradeCommander will automatically place the relevant orders. Trading signals can be generated using a number of factors such as chart studies, price levels and mathematical expressions.


Once a strategy is live, the tool provides feedback on its performance in the markets – Trade Commander also comes with a full back-testing feature to enable users to test their strategies before going live.

Profit & Loss

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