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Reuters Receives Final Clearance

Reuters has officially received all regulatory clearances necessary to complete its pending acquisition of rival Moneyline Telerate (Squawkbox December 20,2004). This follows earlier announcements stating that the company received their clearance from the European Commission and all other regulatory approvals needed for completion, however, the transaction remains subject to other customary completion conditions. The companies say they are collaborating in order to satisfy the remaining conditions and complete the transaction within the second quarter. In order to receive expedited clearances from the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice, Reuters has agreed to license Telerate’s TRS (Trading Room Service) technology to Hyperfeed Technologies. Hyperfeed is a provider of enterprise-wide ticker plant and transaction technology, software and services and will be therefore entitled to use the TRS technology to offer its own market data system worldwide. Also, Hyperfeed will receive the rights to Telerate’s Active8 technology in order to create its own desktop application to connect to and work with its market data system.

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