Refinitv Adds to China Service

Refinitiv has enhanced its data on China to meet demand from the global financial community for increased insight into Chinese trade and investment opportunities, by addingcomprehensive data from the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS), the main FX and fixed income venue for China, to its data platforms Elektron and Eikon.

The firm says this data enables traders and investors to understand pricing and liquidity, manage risks and mark to market. In 2018, the China interbank market had a total trading volume of RMB 1,262.8 trillion.

In addition, Refinitiv has also added over 300,000 new economic data series on China, sourced from both in-country and international sources, to its financial and economic research database Datastream. Designed to help investment professionals and academics explore trends, generate and test investment ideas and develop market viewpoints on China, the new data includes detailed sector level information as well as provincial, regional and national macro-economic data covering over 600 cities with over 200 indicators.

“As China continues to internationalise, our global customers are demanding more and more reliable and unique insight into this market to help them trade, make predictions, unlock investment opportunities and navigate potential risks,” says Stuart Brown, global head of emerging and frontier markets at Refinitiv. “Refinitiv is focused on helping to build and support a global, transparent financial market system. In a complex and fragmented global market, these major enhancements to our data on China’s financial markets and economy provide the increased transparency and market efficiency that our customers need.”

Colin Lambert

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