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Redline to Support BrokerTec Market

Redline Trading Solutions has announced that it will support BrokerTec Market.

With the release of BrokerTec support, combined with previously announced support for eSpeed, Redline says that it will be able to provide its customers with a comprehensive solution for high-performance trading of on-the-run US Treasury products. 

“We see the fixed income market gearing up for a shift from voice and legacy electronic systems to high-performance trading solutions, much as we observed a similar transition in the foreign exchange market beginning several years ago,” says Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline. “We are pleased to bring a new choice to fixed income traders seeking a trading platform offering higher performance, exceptional reliability, and lower operational costs.” 

Redline’s InRush ticker plant is designed to normalise market data from over 150 global trading venues across equities, derivatives, FX and fixed income asset classes and delivers data on interest, at ultra-low latency speeds, to subscribing automated trading applications. 

Redline says that the addition of this ITCH-based feed handler for BrokerTec helps trading applications perform price discovery in the fixed income market.

Similarly, Redline’s Order Execution Gateway is designed to support normalised market access across asset classes and the firm says that the addition of its OMex-based interface to BrokerTec will allow trading applications to enhance access to market liquidity and improve fill rates through ultra-low latency order placement.  

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