Redline Supports FX Forwards, NDFs on Cboe Platforms

Redline Trading Solutions has announced support for outright deliverable foreign exchange (FX) forwards traded on Cboe FX Markets and non-deliverable FX forwards (NDFs) executed on Cboe SEF.

This means that firms that are FX clients of Cboe using Redline’s InRush Market Data Ticker Plant and Order Execution Gateway can now receive market data and execute FX forwards on Cboe FX and NDFs on Cboe SEF via a single server.

“We are seeing significant interest in NDFs on Cboe SEF from our customers, and we are excited to be among the first providers to integrate with Cboe’s new venue,” said Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline.

“Cboe is committed to enhancing the way outright deliverable forwards and NDFs are transacted in the market,” says Paul Millward, head of FX product strategy at Cboe. “We are excited to see Redline Trading Solutions offer customers the ability to transact on Cboe FX and Cboe SEF on its ultra low latency platform.”

Redline’s solution is available as a fully managed platform in London, New York, and Tokyo or as standalone software and is designed to be flexible in order to meet a variety of deployment configurations.

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