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Reddbook Celebrates 50 Years with Gold Edition

The Reddbook directory, formerly “the little red Hambros book”, which provides contact details of dealers around the world, is celebrating its 50th year in circulation with a special gold edition.

Initially published in 1957 by Hambros Bank, Socit Gnrale inherited the publication as part of its purchase of Hambros. In 2004 the French bank sold it to 4Cast, the on-line analytical company.

As the markets have expanded so has the directory and the Reddbook now contains contact details of 1200 banks in 65 countries.

Louise Chung, editor of the directory says, “I love the fact that the Reddbook is playing its part in keeping everyone in touch. Listing is free, so it’s a no brainer really and a lot of people are very fond of the little red book”

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