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Portware & Hotspot Link Up

Portware, a trade management system vendor, has implemented access to Hotspot FXi via its Portware Professional tool. The integration allows Portware users to directly place FX orders into the Hotspot FXi marketplace via the user interface and incorporate FX trades into automated trading strategies executed across the global equities, futures and options markets.


The two systems are linked through a FIX gateway, providing users with FX trading capability and live, streaming, executable market data supplied by Hotspot FXi’s bank market makers and institutional customers.


“Portware’s integration with Hotspot FXi adds a significant source of FX liquidity for our users,” says Eric Goldberg, Portware’s CEO. “Not only can customers trade FX from a multi-asset platform, they can also execute real-time automated strategies incorporating other asset classes. The ability to apply a strategy across a full portfolio provides our clients with an unprecedented level of control and a virtually limitless pool of trading opportunities.”


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