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Platforms Rebound from Bleak November

It is perhaps a measure of how quiet FX markets were in November that the early platforms to report volume data for December all saw an increase month-on-month in average daily volume (ADV).

CboeFX transacted $29.9 billion per day during December, up 4.9% on November, however this was down 10.5% from December 2018. Cboe says $7.8 billion, or 35%, of volume was executed against firm liquidity.

Elsewhere, Deutsche Borse’s 360T FX franchise reports spot ADV of $20.2 billion, a 1% increase from November and a 3% increase year-on-year. 360T’s overall FX volumes are reported later in the month.

Finally of the first group of providers to report spot data, EuronextFX reports ADV of $15.9 billion in December, a 6.7% increase from November, but again a year-on-year decline, this time of 16.75%. The Euronext FX Tape reported $76 billion worth of daily volume, again this was an increase month-on-month, of 2.4%, buut it also represents a 2.5% decline from December 2018.

Colin Lambert

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