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Oanda to Offer Algo Platform

FX-broker Oanda says that it will offer clients an institutional algorithmic
testing and execution platform through its partnership with Seer Trading

Trading offers algorithmic trading features that it claims are not currently
available across retail focused platforms, including the ability to back-test
multi-instrument strategies, back-test across multi-strategy algorithms, access
to statistical computing, graphics and the ability
to deploy strategies on a linux virtual private server with enabled control of

new partnership is designed to enable Oanda clients to build automated
strategies that offer diversification across multiple instruments and are
tested on a market-to-market basis.

a tool such as Seer Trading focuses on sophisticated algorithmic traders, this
niche has become an important base of every broker’s clients. We are
delighted that Oanda identified the importance of providing an
Institutional-grade back-testing and forward execution tool for their clients,”
says Ilan Azbel, director of Seer Trading.

Young, vice president, product management, Oanda adds: “The Seer Trading
platform is one of the most quantitative trading platforms we have seen. Since
Oanda provided access to our platform by offering trading API’s to our partners
and clients, we have seen an increase in demand from our algorithmic traders
who wish to run their strategies with Oanda across our fxTrade platform.
Providing a powerful tool to allow them to develop, back-test and execute those
strategies is a critical component for our traders and partnering with Seer
provides them with these abilities.”    Twitter @Profit_and_Loss

Paul Gogliormella

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