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Mrkts Partners with Deribit

TradingScreen’s Mrkets subsidiary is partnering with bitcoin futures and options exchange Deribit to enable institutional investors to trade cryptocurrency options for the first time on the Markts platform.

Deribit, which claims to own around 70% of the open interest of the BTC crypto options market and approximately 80% of the traded options volume, will connect directly into TradingScreen’s OEMS solution, thus allowing traders to not only buy and sell crypto derivatives but also manage their risk and downside.

“Our collaboration with Deribit meets rising client demand to trade crypto options,” says Alex Carteau, Head of Markts at TradingScreen. “As a multi-asset platform, it is pivotal that we continue to aggregate high-end connectivity for our clients. As the crypto market continues to mature, we will continue to stay one step ahead by ensuring institutional investors can trade digital assets reliably and effectively.”

John Jansen, CEO at Deribit, adds, “The new integration with TradingScreen is one less hurdle for institutional investors who want to enter the crypto derivatives market. We are very happy to see that the vast TS institutional buy-side client base is now able to trade on Deribit using their trusted OEMS in an uncomplicated manner.”

Colin Lambert

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