More Positive News from FX Platforms

Following new records for three platforms reported earlier this week, a second group of platforms has unveiled strong turnover data for February.

CME Group says that notional average daily volume (ADV) across its futures and options product suite was $98 billion in February, a 33.1% increase from January and a 32.6% increase from February 2019. The surge is part of a record ADV of 30.1 million contracts across the Merc’s product set.

EBS, which is owned by CME, reports spot FX ADV of $90.4 billion in February, a 27% increase from January and a 22.3% increase year-on-year. Aside from August 2019’s $90.7 billion, this is the highest ADV recorded by EBS since June 2018.

Elsewhere, 360T reports spot FX ADV of $27.1 billion, a 24.3% increase from January and a 30.3% increase year-on-year. As was the case with CboeFX, Euronext FX and FXSpotStream, 360T hit a new peak on Friday March 28, handling ADV of $47.2 billion in spot.

Finally the news was more muted from Integral, which reports ADV of $39.9 billion. While this does represent a new peak for the company since it started reporting data (which is for all FX products, not just spot), it is a 12.4% month-on-month and a 19.8% year-on-year increase.

Colin Lambert

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