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Moneyline Telerate Widens Distribution; Rebrands

Moneyline Telerate is changing its name to Telerate from June, and has outlined a new distribution strategy to make its market data available over other market data platforms and applications.

“Under this new distribution model, Telerate will partner with selected market data vendors to make our premium information available via their platforms and front ends,” says Christopher Feeney, CEO of Telerate. “Telerate will continue to sell directly to customers utilising our new feed, our Active8 and WebStation front ends, and our TRS distribution platform, and will also license this technology to our data distribution partners. We will concentrate on fixed income, foreign exchange, money markets and OTC derivatives to expand our position as the leading provider of benchmark information for the capital markets. As Telerate, our new distribution structure will provide our clients with easier access to the wider cross section of premium benchmark information they need.”

The company will continue its policy of partnering with other content and application providers, it says, and will add transactional functions to its offerings, the first of which will be Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn, although a further three will be added shortly.

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