Metzler Hires New Change FX for TCA

Metzler Capital Markets, a German-based currency management firm, has selected New Change FX as their independent partner for analysing transaction costs.

New Change is a UK company that calculates an independent live reference mid-rate for
all currency pairs, with the aim of enabling market users to measure the full cost of their foreign exchange execution.

“By working with New Change FX, we are able to measure transaction costs against an independent benchmark,” says Simon Wesch, senior currency manager at Metzler. “This justifies the trust our customers place in us in currency management. We not only apply best price execution, we also prove it.”

“In our approach, we use independent, regulated data against which to measure transaction costs,” says Andrew Woolmer, CEO of New Change. “The confidentiality of client data is the core value of this business model. We focus on data protection and independence – and are completely in agreement with Metzler Bank on this.

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