Mainbloq, TradingScreen, Enter Crypto Partnership

Mainbloq, TradingScreen, Enter Crypto Partnership

Order and execution management system (OEMS) provider TradingScreen (TS), has signed a strategic partnersip with digital currency trading platform Mainbloq, to integrate former’s TradeSmart with the latter’s cryptocurrency trading technology.

Driving the partnership, the firms say, is increasing demand among the buy-side to trade multi-asset classes via one centralised platform, enabling greater operational efficiencies and the seamless integration of workflows. Mainbloq’s technology will be integrated directly into TradeSmart’s interface, providing TradeSmart users with access to Mainbloq’s cryptocurrency trading platform on one screen.

“From regulation to volatility, obstacles faced by institutional investors taking part in crypto markets are shrinking,” says Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq. “We believe in the future of digital assets and TradingScreen’s commitment to the future has us all truly excited.”

TradeSmart users will have access to cryptocurrency liquidity via Mainbloq’s smart order router (SOR) and a suite of algorithms including TWAP, VWAP, Iceberg, Peg, Basket, Percent of Volume and Implementation Shortfall.

“At TS, we’re continuously striving to develop our offering to add value to our clients, and combining TS’s cutting-edge technology with Mainbloq’s cryptocurrency trading tools enables us to do exactly that,” says Alexandre Carteau, TradingScreen’s head of crypto. “The listed crypto market is very fractioned and it is challenging for clients to achieve best execution on the various venues available. Having a powerful SOR coupled with algos is paramount to achieving client satisfaction.”

“[This partnership] in the digital currency space ultimately means that TradeSmart users can continue to trade multi-asset classes, including crypto, all under one roof – the power of which cannot be understated,” he adds.

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