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MahiFX Adds Position Aggregator

Trading platform MahiFX has created a new range of platform trade viewing features and options to enable customers to trade more simply and efficiently by enabling them to monitor multiple open positions.

The newly designed Position Book/Aggregation button gives traders the option to merge all open positions into one book. By selecting the merge to master function, traders can feed all following trades of the same pair into the master trade, giving a snapshot view of their overall position. This is of particular benefit to traders who employ a scalping trading strategy, the firm says.

“The newly designed Aggregation function allows for a simpler, more efficient trading experience for clients of all expertise levels, whether in the demo or live trading environment,” says David Cooney, CEO of MahiFX. “With each platform release we take the opportunity to introduce new features that enhance the overall user experience and provide options that allow the platform to be tailored to varying individual trading styles.”

The platform upgrade also includes a ‘Book Change’ to cater to the preferences of traders who like to be able to set up multiple books and those traders who prefer a less cluttered interface. To lessen any potential confusion for less experienced traders, books are now only explicitly created and removed by the trader, rather than automatically being generated. Traders who do not wish to set up a trading book can now choose to use the trade view completely separate from the book view.

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