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Logicscope Launches TradeSTPConnect

Trading technology company Logicscope has launched TradeSTPConnect, a fully-hosted STP service that connects trading venues and end users for real-time, multi-asset trade notification.

TradeSTPConnect provides post-trade notification to end user clients of banks and trading platforms, eliminating much of the operational, implementation and support resources required typically for bespoke client-side integration, the company says.

Trade notification messages published via a single connection to TradeSTPConnect are transformed and routed automatically to approved end user clients.

End user clients, in turn, receive trade notifications, as authorised, from multiple trading venues via a single BT Radianz connection or the Internet in the formats they require for back office processing.

"Seamless and painless transformation, extensive routing capabilities and guaranteed, sub-second delivery of post-trade messages for multiple asset types to multiple end users – through a single, secure connection – significantly enhances trading functionality and cross-enterprise dealing efficiency," says Nick Dyne, CEO of Logicscope.

"End user clients in turn benefit from receiving real-time post-trade messages delivered from multiple trading venues through a single connection to TradeSTPConnect, delivered directly to their back office environments, with minimal IT integration requirements," he adds.

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