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Liquidity Pool Launches Disclosed Pricing

Liquidity Pool, the trading platform operated by Mako FX, has introduced disclosed pricing tabs in a bid to attract participants who wish to trade direct with the liquidity provider of their choice.

Offered in the current GUI, clients can request a pricing tab direct from bank and non-bank providers inside the Liquidity Pool platform.

According to the firm, this is designed to strengthen the relationship between the LP and customer while easing the pressure on valuable desk space.

Clients can customise their own pages and get the best individualised pricing from across the market, both disclosed and anonymous, the firm adds.

“We feel this additional functionality will allow our clients to go to specialist currency pair market makers and get the benefits of the single bank relationship in one intuitive place – Liquidity Pool – while still being able to access the aggressive pricing of the anonymous platform,” says Simon Jones, managing partner at MakoFX.

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