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JP Morgan Launches SwapsLab for Corporate Clients

JP Morgan has launched SwapsLab, the latest addition to its stable of online derivatives offerings. SwapsLab is a Web-based risk management service for corporate clients that provides JP Morgan’s clients with 24-hour access to information on the derivatives market.

“SwapsLab is part of a series of global, Web-based initiatives across our derivatives business designed to leverage our position as a leader in the global derivatives market,” says Eric Bertrand, managing director and co-head of derivatives in Europe and Asia.

JP Morgan is bringing out a number of Web sites for derivatives users across the US, Europe and Asia, that are tailored for specific clientele, explains Nina Littler, managing director responsible for European corporate clients. “There are a number of sites in the market, but most of these are focused on pricing and execution or research and qualitative analysis,” she says. “So there’s a lot of information on the Web for derivatives users, but what we’re launching is specifically tailored for the corporate sector, because corporate treasurers have unique requirements.”

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