Jeffery Named Chair of Mosaic

Former EBS CEO Jack Jeffery has been named as chairman of the board at FICC data analytics company Mosaic Smart Data.

Jeffery, who was CEO of fixed income platform MTS after leaving EBS, has also served on both the UK and US foreign exchange committees during his career.

He joins the firm following its funding round in March which saw JP Morgan invest in the company. Mosaic’s platform provides market activity analytics in real-time and seeks to provide data-driven tools to answer the questions users need to ask and provide those answers in real time and in a highly consumable visual language.

“Data is fast becoming the currency of success in the modern financial markets, but all too often market professionals are forced to rely on their intuition and experience because the empirical data just isn’t there to tackle the questions they need answered,” says Jeffery. “Mosaic Smart Data provides the solution to this problem with analytics tailored specifically to the needs of the FICC markets. The platform has the ability to deliver in an intuitive manner with a large range of interactive tools. I believe this will be transformational for banks, their clients and the individuals who use it every day.”

Colin Lambert

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