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ITG Launches New Pre-Trade Analytics Mobile App

ITG has launched its
ITG Smart Cost Estimator for pre-trade analysis, a mobile application that
estimates pre-trade costs based on current market conditions.

“Traditional pre-trade
transaction cost models don’t take prevailing market conditions into account or
allow users to perform ‘what if’ scenarios. ITG Smart Cost Estimator for
Pre-Trade Analysis delivers more accurate cost estimates for people trading in
global markets with the goal of better returns for investors,” says Ian
Domowitz, managing director and head of analytics at ITG. “Users can compare
today’s cost estimates against historical conditions, estimate the cost for
liquidation of a position, and calculate the expected increase in trading costs
given various order sizes.” 

ITG Smart Cost
Estimator for Pre-Trade Analysis, available on the ITG Analytics Incubator, is
designed to be the complementary application to ITG Smart Cost Estimator for
post-trade analysis, the firm says.

These and several
other liquidity cost and volatility index mobile applications including the ITG
Equity Trading Cost Index, ITG FX Trading Cost Index, FX Pre-Trade Prototype,
and the Swing Pricing Prototype are all available on the ITG Analytics

ITG says that all
indexes and applications are available to the institutional trading community,
free of charge.                        Twitter: @Galen_Stops

Colin Lambert

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