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Itarle Creates Ventures Arm

Itarle, a provider of high-performance best execution services to banks, has created a new Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Itarle Ventures GmbH.

The entity serves as a separate legal structure for Itarle to co-invest with partners in new data analysis and liquidity services, and shared market infrastructure initiatives.

Paul Lynch, Itarle

Through Itarle Ventures, the company plans to leverage its existing IP and commercial network to help build promising fintech companies and further develop existing venues, while identifying new investment opportunities that are not a natural fit for Itarle.

“Fintech investment, particularly in Europe, is at an all-time high and is expected to continue rising as capital markets become more diverse and interconnected,” says Itarle CEO Paul Lynch. “We’re very excited to be launching Itarle Ventures as a viable player in this landscape.”

Itarle currently provides best execution algorithms, smart order routing and transaction cost analysis to global sell side firms in EMEA and Asia, and recently co-located with CME’s data centre in Aurora, Illinois.

Galen Stops

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