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IS Prime Launches Failover Technology

IS Prime has released new proprietary failover technology enabling clients to simultaneously connect to its matching engines in New York and London.

This means that through a single margin deposit, IS Prime can in the case of a disconnection or any other disaster recovery event automatically migrate activity from one data centre to the other, moving positions and pricing to achieve 100% up-time with no single point of failure.

Jonathan Brewer, IS Prime

Barry Flanigan, head of electronic trading solutions at IS Prime, says: “Since New York and London have been live, we have had 100% up-time between the two data centres and therefore believe that having this setup provides a failover solution that is as close to bulletproof as possible.”

Jonathan Brewer, managing partner of IS Prime, adds: “In these increasingly competitive times it is extremely important that brokers are able to trust the reliability of their liquidity provider’s technology. Through solutions like these, we are able to continue to support some of the largest brokers globally as their sole liquidity provider, giving them both a primary and a backup solution with a single counterparty.”

IS Prime provides institutional clients with customised pricing, multi-asset prime-of-prime, agency brokerage services and front-to-back technology solutions. It is part of the ISAM Capital Markets Group.

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