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Integral Development Launches AutoDealer E-Quote Engine

Integral Development, the California-based e-finance software vendor, has launched a new product dubbed Integral AutoDealer. The system acts as a central processing engine for responding to and tracking quote requests in online capital markets dealing environments. Banks can set parameters for automated quotes based on customer credit limits, deal size, deal type, market conditions and other factors. AutoDealer supports one- and two-way pricing and can operate over multiple e-business channels, says an Integral spokesperson.

“Banks need a solution that does more than facilitate a price response on a single product to a single exchange,” says Harpal Sandhu, chief executive of Integral. “AutoDealer makes it practical for banks to participate in multiple e-marketplaces within reasonable timeframes and cost.” The engine includes automated margin and credit checking mechanisms, as well as auditing, security and management reporting features.

Separately, Integral has launched Integral Connect 2.0, an integration utility that links bank systems to electronic marketplaces. The new version of the system includes support for “major FX dealing portals”, says the vendor spokesperson. Other enhancements include Integral Channel Adapters, which enable banks to add in new e-marketplaces to their online presence.

“In reality, multiple XML standards will co-exist for some time,” says Sandhu. “Banks have an immediate need to participate in e-marketplaces regardless of which XML standard is used. Integral Connect frees them from ongoing XML debates.”

In particular, he says Integral Connect supports FpML, an XML implementation focused on derivatives and backed by a consortium of leading banks, as well as FinXML, an Integral-developed financial XML protocol.

Both new products are coded in Java and built using XML and other Internet-based technologies. Integral is also supplying the technology behind Atriax, the multibank online FX portal due to launch in June. The vendor’s technology also powered the former CFOweb platform.

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