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Insch Launches Macro Fund

Swiss-based Insch Capital Management has launched a new BVI-based hedge fund named Insch Insight. The fund is designed to offer a number of "protected cell" share classes that enable skilled, independent managers to offer their own stand-alone funds within a multi-class structure.

The first manager is Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers, the sole advisor of the Insch Insight "Global Macro" share class. Charteris is headquartered in London and headed by Ian Williams and is fully licensed by the UK's Financial Services Authority.

Charteris will invest in global equity markets, with particular emphasis on the natural resource sector. As an integral part of the global macro strategy, Charteris will also invest in G7 Government Bonds. All investments in the Global Macro portfolio will be from the "long" side and no derivatives will be used.

Christopher Cruden, CEO of Insch, says: "We are absolutely delighted to have Charteris as the first manager in Insch Insight. The reputation, record and reliability of Ian and his team are second to none in the City. We wanted the best for Insch Insight and we got the best."

"The topicality of these markets has never been higher," adds Williams. "The timing for these markets has never been better. This fund offers investors an excellent opportunity to apply a coherent strategy with familiar investment instruments – equities and government bonds – while profiting from the continuing boom in global demand for commodities."

Fees have been set at 2% management and 20% of net new profits. The minimum investment is EUR 100,000. The share class will begin trading on 2nd June 2008.

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