Insch Kintore Strategy to Backbone New Fund

The Insch Kintore fund, which has, since inception, earned a total net return of +88.45%, with an average rolling 12 month net return (49 observations) of +16.21% (net of management and performance fees), has been selected by Linear Investments in its new appointment as investment advisor to Bermuda-based Rudolf Wolff Insch Kintore, Rudolf Wolff will remain investment manager of the fund.

The Kintore strategy, which is now five years old, is entirely systematic and trades gold (as a currency) versus other currencies in global FX markets. Consequently, it is able to profit from both falling and rising gold prices relative to G7 currencies, the firm explains. The programme is trend following in nature and fully automated in terms of trade implementation and execution. Buy and sell signals are generated from price breakouts, volatility and other proprietary signals.

The fund offers investors five-day liquidity, a $10,000 (or equivalent) minimum investment and is available in USD, GBP and EUR share classes.

The fund is suitable for – and only offered to – qualified and professional investors and professional advisers.

“Linear has extensive experience in managing the Insch Kintore strategy,” says Jerry Lees, chairman of Linear. “The strategy has shown exceptional performance, strength and robustness during a time that has been challenging for many CTA’s and Hedge Funds. We are committed to meeting our objective of delivering superior performance to investors. Working alongside Rudolf Wolff, the Insch Kintore strategy is a highly effective means of doing just that.”

Howard Colvin, managing director of Rudolf Wolff, adds: “The Insch Kintore strategy has substantially outperformed traditional markets such as stocks and bonds and we are delighted to have Linear as Investment Advisor to the Fund.”

Colin Lambert

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