Insch Kintore Launched as Jersey Domiciled Fund

Jersey-based Insch Capital Managementhas launched its Insch Kintore strategy as a Jersey Private Fund.

Since inception, the form says the strategy has earned a total net return (net of 1.5% management and 15% performance fees) of +49.21%gaining12.52% in 2015, 33.39% in 2016 and 21.16% in 2017. Rolling 12 month returns (26 observations) have averaged +20.44%, the firm adds. 

Christopher Cruden, director of Insch, says that the firm had originally planned to launch the new fund at the start of the year but did not do so because it felt market conditions were “not ideal”. He adds, “That judgement proved correct. Now is a much better time for investors.” 

The Insch Kintore strategy is entirely quantitative in nature and bidirectional (agnostic) in terms of market direction. It trades gold (as a currency) versus G7 currencies and is trend following in nature and fully automated in terms of trade implementation and execution. Buy and sell signals are generated from price breakouts, volatility and other proprietary signals.

Consequently, it is able to profit from both falling and rising gold prices relative to G7 currencies. The strategy is “unique and offers superior uncorrelated absolute returns, crisis-risk-offset and real diversification”, the firm says.

“Insch Kintore has shown exceptional performance, strength and robustness during a time that has been challenging for many CTA’s and Hedge Funds,” adds Cruden. “Insch Kintore has also substantially outperformed traditional markets such as stocks and bonds. Most importantly, we have not wavered in our commitment or strayed from our process. We continue to meet our objective of delivering superior performance to our investors.”

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