In the FICC of It Special

Ahead of the unveiling of the 2019 Digital FX Awards for bank single dealer platforms tonight, Colin Lambert, managing editor of Profit & Loss, sat down with John Ashworth, CEO of Caplin Systems, for a special In the FICC of It podcast, sponsored by Caplin Systems.

In this special our two podcasters looks at the future of SDPs, what the bigger players can learn from their regional counterparts, the new tailored connectivity culture in markets and much more.

Ashworth talks of a new dawn in e-FX banking when it comes to distribution models and IP, as well as a number of shifts and trends that are seeing a new emphasis on where the platforms are targeted. Lambert meanwhile wonders whether technology can overcome the organisational and political obstacles to centralising and streamlining product delivery.

This being an In the FICC of It podcast, there is the usual well-worn Lambert cynicism (this time about cross-asset class platforms), but Ashworth believes a solution can be delivered, as long as banks think differently about their risk profiles and how they allocate resources and use their data.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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