For this podcast special, Colin Lambert is joined by Alan Schwarz, CEO of FXSpotStream for a fascinating look inside a business operating in stressful conditions.

That FX markets are volatile and volumes are high is obvious to anyone but Schwarz is able to put some numbers on the issue – and they are quite staggering at times. From volumes to order and message rates, through to fill ratios, the podcast studies how FXSpotStream handled the unprecedented challenge of these spikes in activity with a dispersed workforce.

Although in retrospect Schwarz is not surprised by some of the things that happened, he provides fascinating insight into how conditions looked at the time when the market heat was at its hottest.

Finally, the podcast tries that trickiest of tasks – a look into the future. Is what we are seeing likely to be a new “normal” or will behaviour revert the way markets often do? Listen in to find out.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert