Two guests for the price of one on this week’s podcast as Colin Lambert is joined by Keiren Harris, co-founder of Data Compliance LLC to discuss the recent first quarter results, and the future of, the inter-dealer broking industry. Lambert sees some interesting observations in the reports regarding how people are trading, while Harris discusses the squeeze on the major IDBs from above and below.

Harris then discusses the importance of these firms being well-capitalised, before the discussion moves to the future of the IDBs, during which Lambert reassures Harris that a making a statement that cannot be backed up by data is not exactly foreign territory for this podcast!

Lambert is then joined by Rob Franolić, head of quantitative analytics at Eyes on FX, who takes the audience through recent analysis he has conducted looking at spreads in FX markets. While some of the findings will come as no surprise to listeners, there are a couple of interesting points for further discussion – namely the “Friday effect”. Do spreads widen out on Friday’s, if so why, and how long is this likely to last. The answers, and Lambert taking advantage of another opportunity to bang on about the old days (sigh), can be found by listening in now.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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