When Colin Lambert posted a column arguing that the events surrounding the April month-end FX Fix highlighted the need for reform – and then followed that up by asking if the industry needs to revisit the 2014 FX Benchmark Group’s recommendations – it ignited a firestorm of debate over both public and private channels.

This edition of In the FICC of It focuses in on that debate as Lambert lays out – and often disagrees with – the points made by correspondents. He also discusses a few new areas of interest around the value or other otherwise of netting and peer-to-peer mechanisms as part of a potential solution.

Lambert is then joined by Jamie Walton, co-founder of benchmark provider Raidne to discuss that firm’s Siren benchmark and some very interesting data from Q1 and the April month-end that raises Lambert’s eyebrows into Roger Moore territory. The pair then also discuss the benefits of longer windows, something that Lambert has long argued is the solution to the current situation.

So, does the data support that argument for a longer window and how long should it be? Listen in to find out.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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