Market structure dominates this week’s podcast as Colin Lambert goes to town on the SEC’s refusal to grant Cboe permission to implement a speed bump (and along the way take a few pops at the equity market structure of course), before touching upon news that the LSE-Refinitiv deal may be delayed and what that means for the latter’s FX business in particular.

Following on from last week’s podcast conversation with Matt Kulkin about Libor reform, Lambert also provides some observations on the Bank of England’s plan to “help” the transition to risk-free rates (which he believes includes the use of a big stick), as well as on the potential impact of the Ion purchase of Broadway.

Lambert is then joined by James Wooster, COO of Glue42, to discuss the challenge of navigating all this market structure change at desktop level – the most widely used tool in financial markets. Wooster discusses the complexities involved in building an intuitive, modern desktop before outlining an approach that is less transactional than legacy models, and more behavioural, highlighting the huge benefits available from such an approach.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert

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