In this week’s new style podcast Colin Lambert casts his eye over some key news stories of the week and is joined by Jay Moore, founder and CEO of FX Hedgepool and Rob Loft, founder and CEO of Harvey Loft to discuss two in depth.

Listeners will be surprised to hear that Lambert has some thoughts on the Investment Association’s call for standardised FX reject messaging, and equally that he has some observations on the first two rounds of data from the FX platform world. What may nonplus listeners is his willingness to comment on things AI, however this really is just an excuse to engage the audience in a game of buzzword bingo (other titles exist).

Following a bit of feedback from last week’s podcast, and with FX Hedgepool, a peer-to-peer matching service, launching just a couple of days before, Lambert is joined by Jay Moore who explains why the service is different to other initiatives out there, while at the same time trying to win over a sceptical Lambert!

Rob Loft and Lambert then focus in on the FX committees’ FX turnover data and pay particular attention to the e-trading data, asking the question, with e-ratios seemingly static, what will it take to get them moving again? There is also time for the traditional In the FICC of It scepticism over the quality of the data, and the podcast closes out with Lambert issuing an impassioned plea – backed up by Loft – for more standardisation of data generally.

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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert