The podcast is back for 2020 and Colin Lambert and Galen Stops immediately try to dampen new year’s spirits with a look at what was a pretty poor 2019 for the FX platforms.

On a more positive note, Lambert thinks that 2020 could be a breakout year for two services in the FX industry as they seek to build out from the foundations established over the past year or two, but Stops is a little worried there will be a downside to this for the P&L editorial team.

Our podcasters then launch into a discussion over the alleged “hacking” of Bank of England new conferences. Stops believes this is a straight legal issue and while Lambert agrees, he is also concerned that questions are being asked of those traders who took the quicker service and argues this reflects the paranoia that still populates the banking industry especially.

The first podcast of the year closes out with Lambert offering some time saving advice to an academic seeking to build a Twitter-following FX trading model and, despite strenuous efforts, he can’t avoid Stops talking about the good year for trend followers in 2019. But exactly how good was it and why is a dead Labrador introduced to the conversation? Listen in to find out.


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Colin Lambert

Colin Lambert